Chapter Overview

Chapter Overview

The Institute for Supply Management—GreaterGreater Grand Rapids (ISM-GGR) is a chapter of the Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®). ISM-GGR is a non-profit organization providing education, networking, and volunteer opportunities to advance the development of current and future supply management professionals. We have members in both services and manufacturing.  In 2019, ISM—Greater Grand Rapids celebrated 100 years of serving the profession. 

ISM-GGR was originally formed in March of 1919 as the Western Michigan Purchasing Association.  In September 1932, the name was officially changed to Grand Rapids Association of Purchasing Agents.  In 1968, the name was again changed to Grand Rapids Association of Purchasing Management.  In April of 1990, the name was changed to National Association of Purchasing Management—Greater Grand Rapids (NAPM—GGR) to better identify the wider geographic area of our membership.  Finally, in 2008 the current name was assumed to reflect the strategic focus of the profession and identify with the global organization.

Mr. Blaine Gavett, the first recorded president of our chapter, went on to become National Association of Purchasing Agents District Vice President in 1922. The Grand Rapids association was the fourth chapter formed in what became District IV after three other associations were established.  All three – South Bend, Indianapolis, and Detroit – were founded in 1917.

The N.A.P.A. National Convention was held in Grand Rapids in 1927.  Lois DeHaan served as National Director of National Affairs in 1997-99 and on the National Board of Directors in 2000-2001 and was national Volunteer Person of the Year in 2002. 

ISM—Greater Grand Rapid's global organization, Institute for Supply Management, was organized in 1915 and now has approximately 50,000 members with a network of domestic and international affiliated associations.  It is centered in Tempe, Arizona.

Our Vision: 

To offer the supply chain management community unsurpassed professional development, benefits, and strategic value. To be one of the leading ISM® chapters and a model for other chapters. 

Our Values:

Our association has a proud history of establishing and advancing global standards for the supply management industry. In fact, we were the pioneers working with our members to establish The Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct and The Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility

As your representative association, we invite organizations, like yours, to get involved through our programs and education to help advance your organization and the profession at large to contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable world.